About Jhanewala Brand

Jhandewalas Foods Limited with its sister concern Hari Narayan Gyarsilal which is 125 years old firm was promoted by Late Shri Hari Narayan followed by his son Late Shri Gyarsilal. Later Shri Bhanwarlal Koolwal took the responsibility of carrying the business forward, he started with the very small retail outlet at Shop No: 35, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur.

With the very small beginning from Johari Bazaar, today Mr. Koolwal’s 4th generation has expanded their Empire in various places of Rajasthan. By giving a new vision and scope to Mr. Koolwal’s business, Mr. Rakesh B. Kulwal, the present Managing Director of the company has given the business a new zone and has brought innovative technology to make the product 100% natural for the customers.

We are an FSSAI approved and ISO 22000:2005 certified company committed to international standards of product quality. Our product portfolio includes desi ghee, Godhenu Cow Ghee, Naman’s Gold Ghee, Poha, Mangodi, Daliya, Boondi Raita, Papad & Polki Refined Groundnut Oil with a promise of no denial for compromise in quality . Our processing unit ensures superior quality and freshness of our products, giving them the unique Jhandewalas taste and flavor.

About Products

Desi Ghee

Naman’s desi ghee is prepared from premium buffalo milk or butter of very good quality. This ghee has been developed keeping in mind the taste & preference of indian consumer. Naman’s desi ghee is having good aroma & granules. Its RM value ranges from 27-29 RM.

Godhenu Cow Ghee

Godhenu cow ghee is prepared from premium butter made out of cow milk. Godhenu RM value ranges from 27-30 RM

Gold Ghee

Gold ghee is prepared out of premium butter through traditional process of extracting ghee by churning of curd, thus giving Gold ghee a unique gold ghee premium taste & flavour. Gold ghee RM value ranges from 29-32 RM.


Naman’s Poha is procured from Navsari in Gujarat, who’s Poha is considered the best in the country. Naman’s Poha is made up of basmati rice making poha sweet in taste.

Masala Mangodi

Mangodi is a traditional dish. The unique taste of Naman’s mangodi is due to balanced mixture of green grams & black eyed peas. For better shelf life nitrogen is also flushed into pack.


Naman Daliya is multigrain daliya. Due to its healthy nutrient contents it can be consumed by all age group. It is a instant daliya, consumer just need to add desired quantity of daliya into water. And the daliya is ready for consumption.


The costliest spice on earth is always in hot demand. In very few countries Kesar is being cultivated. In India saffron is cultivated once in a year and consumed throughout the year. The three mogar is being plucked from saffron flower which later becomes Kesar. It takes 1 lakh flowers to produce 1kg of saffron and output is typically just half a kg per hectare Kashmiri saffron is considered the best in the world of colour, aroma & taste. Pure kesar is always bitter in taste.


Papad is thin, crisp & round shaped food item. It is made from different types of lentils. Naman’s Papad is a balanced mixture of split pulse green gram & split pulse black gram. In the manufacturing process the pulses and spices are grinded in the factory itself. The manufacturing process is done under all hygienic conditions.

Soan Papdi

Naman’s soan papdi is having wonderful taste. It is the best gifting solution to friends & relatives. Naman’s soan papdi is available during festive seasons only.

Choco Porridge

Yumm Yoo Porridge is multigrain porridge. Due to its healthy nutrient contents it can be consumed by all age group. It is a instant porridge available in cuppa pack, consumer just need to add hot water/milk upto the marked level & wait for two minute and relish the taste.

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